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Created on 2011-09-22 15:26:00 (#1093563), last updated 2015-10-12 (105 weeks ago)

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Community description:Bandom fanworks community

Like it says on the box, wordsdestroyed is meant to be a diverse, creative community that's for various types of bandom fanwork. Any and all are free to join and start posting :)

    -Discussion Posts

    In regards to posting
    Directly posting to the community is fine, but we encourage you to post to your own journal or site and to then link it here.

    Tag your posts as appropriate! Right now, it's free for members to add their own tags as I might've missed some things, but please stick to the tagging format.

    Make sure to put in a subject/title in the header, and include ratings and warnings in your posts when applicable.

    Seriously, POST ALL THE THINGS! But please DON'T post or link to locked entries! WIPs and drabbles are allowed, but try not to clutter the community with multiple entries.

    Icons, Fanart, Wallpapers, Fanvids, Fanmixes, Picspams, Graphics, etc
    One preview image is allowed per post, (or up to 3 icons) with the rest under the cut/linked.

    Golden rules
    Be excellent to each other.

    Posts must pertain to those bandom people we like. Or at least just one of them. You can use your discretion when defining bandom, just be practical about it. THAT VAGUE BAND THEY'RE SIMILAR TO BUT HAVE NO ACTUAL CONNECTION TO? Yeah, no.

    Comment, create, and enjoy!

Anyway, have fun! I want to make a list of the more active bandom communities on dreamwidth, if you'd like to help me out, you can by going to the intro post here. THANK YOU, COME AGAIN.

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